Fall watering requirements

Fall is approaching so it is time to begin to change your watering program on your home irrigation system from a Summer Program to a Fall Program. Summer watering in 100+ degree weather requires a more water to maintain turf conditions than Fall requirements. In the fall homeowners can begin to decrease the frequency and time on your turf stations. Time changes are also a factor in irrigation programming. Once September begins dawn and dusk begin to move closer together, the start time of your irrigation cycle might be modified. The good news is: now you can tone down on the amount of watering required to maintain a healthy lawn!
In Northeastern Kansas a Summer Watering Program usually involves watering 4-5 days per week. Fall requires significantly less water to maintain healthy turf conditions. Now that the Lawrence Area has passed the intense heat of summer (thankfully) and the days are becoming shorter it is possible to reduce the frequency of your watering to 2-3 days per week. Damage from the sun and heat is not as likely in the Fall due to the shortening of the days and the reduction of direct sun which allows you to reduce the days per week of your turf watering. Your rotor zones should still water between 30 and 45 minutes while your spray zones should be at 10-15 min depending on the amount of direct sun and soil conditions. It is still recommended to water your shrubs and flowers once a week at an hour or less depending on whether your shrubs and flowers are watered with a soaker hose or spray heads.
As always these are just guidelines for Fall irrigation in the Lawrence area. Every lawn and property is different and watering requirements vary between neighborhoods. If you notice that your turf is receiving a lot of sunlight and is showing signs of stress then increasing the time on that zone would be advised. Conversely, if the turf is dark green with brown streaks and standing water then a reduction of time on that zone is recommended. Most importantly: stay aware of the conditions of your lawn! You will save time and money on maintenance and damage control. Call us if you need more detailed advisement or are having any problems with your turf or irrigation system.
Happy watering!

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