Irrigation winterization

By now you have probably had your home irrigation system turned off for the winter, but there are some details with your system that you should be aware of over the winter. When your irrigation system is winterized a technician will come to your property and use a large compressor to purge the water from your irrigation lines to prevent the water from expanding due to cold temperatures and damaging your PVC pipes. If you have not had your irrigation system winterized by now it is very important that you do so IMMEDIATELY, there might still be time to prevent expensive damage to your system. Homeowners should be aware of the details of their winterization to deal with any events that could possibly occur during the winter.
After our technicians winterize your sprinkler system we will usually leave a drain or plug loose in your tap (the big green box next to your water meter) to indicate if any water happens to enter the line. We leave this plug loose to let any trapped water out and it will also allow water to flow out of the tap box in case the water is turned on by accident. If you see any water flowing out of your tap box it is important to call us right away so that we can get the water turned off and re-winterize your system. It is important to note that vandalism and accidental turn on of your irrigation system almost never happens! If you notice your tap box is full of water it could be natural accumulation of rain water and will more than likely not enter your irrigation lines. As always if you have any questions or concerns contact us right

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